What do readers think of GustoSinga?

"I can highly recommend this book for ALL ages. This story is so suitable for today’s fast pace… shared factually and creatively to spellbind every reader. This read will transport the reader to sunny climes across the oceans in a plethora of eventualities. I will be looking out for the movie"
Diane Durrant
BA Hons, Cert Ed, RSA Dip SPLD
"Reading this story gave me a unique, imaginative experience. GustoSinga links love of the natural world with man’s best and worst. I think it is a valuable allegory teaching youth to look beyond the appearance of things – deeper into the significance."
Prof Robin Broadhead
Paediatric Specialist
(formerly Principal of Malawi College of Medicine)
"GustoSinga expresses a compelling message that is so timely. Never before on planet earth have we been as interconnected as we are today. Yet while technology races apace, GustoSinga reminds us we have a shared humanity of love, hope and unshakeable optimism."
Rebecca Mok
Head of English at ACS International School
Author of English Grammar Educational Books
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