About the Author

Marguerite MacLean (nee Sullivan) is a British National who was born in central Africa in the 50’s. Having qualified as a teacher with B.A. and M.Edu with a number of Holistic Therapy qualifications, she worked over many years in multicultural international education systems. She generously shares her natural resilience to change and her respect for all living things.

As a mother of three and now living in the UK, Marguerite is currently pursuing her passion for writing from her own life experience,  producing this exciting must-read adventure based on truth and written with imagination.

The author’s love and knowledge of animals and her love for humanity shines through on every page. Her experience of living in Africa, the U.K. and Asia contributes extensive local knowledge, exciting and educating the reader and providing a memorable setting for the book’s main characters.

Whilst teaching in Singapore for 7 years, Marguerite daily re-energized her spirit by spending time in the local tropical rain forest, often finding herself near the exact spot where the last tiger was shot in 1930. This was the catalyst for GustoSinga.  Completely immersed in the different cultures of Singapore, she wrote from her heart, instinctively and truthfully, highlighting the reality of worldwide poaching.

We are all on a journey and the author invites every reader to join her on this one, encouraging us to embrace the future of our shared world with a deeper awareness. She feels that putting our technology aside and engaging directly and personally with the natural world in which we live is imperative for our education today. May there be new respect for listening to experiential knowledge and to the wisdom of nature. With this in mind, at the beginning of each chapter, Marguerite has included inspirational quotes from distinguished writers, scientists and intellectuals.

Marguerite feels that the innate gift of intuition can so easily be eroded by our intensely busy lifestyles, yet it is an essential quality, which can be learnt from nature. 

As a teacher, Marguerite brings all subjects to life, sharing her concern for our planet,  respect for all cultures and respect for all living things, especially endangered species. GustoSinga has been called timely, educationally sound and transformative, covering essential life-long learning skills.

The truth of humankind’s greed for space and profit, brutally exposed in this book, is tragically still our present day reality. Our world needs role models and hence the characters are based on real people in the author’s life, with the heroine, Dinieve, being everything she herself dreams to be: a brave, risk-taking ‘animal whisperer’.

Dinieve’s respectful listening to and observing of the wisdom of the matriarch elephant, despite the challenges  involved, is what brings transformative inspiration to the readers.

Marguerite is still a valued member of the arts community in Singapore and across the globe. She has touched the hearts of hundreds of people – and this, combined with her myriad personal experiences, have given the life and depth to GustoSinga.

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