About the Book

Set in 1932 GustoSinga, offers the reader excitement, adventure and discoveries on a theme of respect for all living things… linking with the world’s needs today. This is about man and nature and endangered species. It captures the scenes honestly, and simply with no frills or fancies. One lady took time to listen to what was truly meaningful to bring a successful outcome. Our heroine, Dinieve, has the enviable qualities of practiced intuitive communication with a positive approach in all she does, just like the cubs Gusto and Singa and all creatures she links with on her journey.

GustoSinga demonstrates how time plays its part co-operatively as the heroine meets the perfect people, and places to achieve her mission.

A series of coincidences, or is it divine intervention? Dinieve is truly nature’s listener, able to hear the whispers of life and time working for her.

Do we hear nature? Do we hear it reaching out to communicate with us? Is it the first bird call in the morning that brings a relaxed smile to our entire being or is it only technology to which we attune ourselves? Do we take the time to listen? Dinieve demonstrates how living mindfully, becoming aware of moments, truly immersing herself into the challenges that face, with a heart of gratitude, produces results like never seen before.

She communicates intuitively and co-operatively with Divine intervention, making the things of this world that can be useless fade away and all things useful come to light, like the beautiful animals on this planet.

Intuition is the forgotten art as humanity has become obsessed with handheld technology and lack of eye to eye telepathy. The heroine in the story shares her experiential knowledge which is also a dying art. We can fall into the habit of sourcing our knowledge from the internet as opposed to really living life to the full.

GustoSinga appeals to all ages. Let’s consider reaching out of comfort zones to places and experiences in search of a higher cause. My concern is for our precious and most beautiful world, not just Gusto the Lion, and Singa the Tiger, but ALL living things.

If man and animal work together how beautiful this world would be!

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